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Chakra Beads - Tafari Tribe Shop
Chakra Beads - Tafari Tribe Shop
Chakra Beads - Tafari Tribe Shop

Chakra Beads

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Purple- I understand

The crown chakra enlightens the spiritual connections of one individual to the others, and also to the supreme beings

Indigo- I see

Third Eye Chakra enables human beings to see the bigger picture by imagining things. It also improves the telepathic abilities and reduces the fear of the death. The sense of thought is the one connected with this chakra. It is the main center of intuition in the body. It enables us to live focused on our daily activities.

Blue- I speak

The throat chakra is crucial in the body and associated with the human being’s ability to listen attentively and also to communicate with other people.

Green- I love

The heart chakra is the main category that is responsible for all types of relationships, including love and marriage.

Yellow- I do

The solar plexus chakra is the primary source of personal power associated with the professional success or the individual’s real life success.

Orange- I feel 

The sacral chakra in the body’s emotions is related to sexualitycreativitydesire, the reproductive system, compassion and many others.

Red- I am 

The root chakra defines the human’s relation to the earth. It brings a tremendous impact on our survivalvitality and also the passion.