About Us

Tafari Tribe is a family owned cultural fashion or (multicultural beauty) brand with roots stemming from Jamaican Heritage. The flag ship boutique located in the Lefferts Garden neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY offers a versatile selection of items for all accessory needs. The elaborate designs are created by Sandra Marshall-Haye, Cultural Fashion Designer extraordinaire who likes to merge retro style with traditional prints from indigenous cultures around the world. The Tafari Tribe line always showcases elegant styles with vibrant colors of fabric with patterns that have meaning in different cultures. With a foundation of Jamaican Heritage, it was only natural for the name of the business to reflect the cultural truths of "One love and Unity for all people" as the belief system behind Rastafarian Traditions.

Tafari Tribe carries clothing designs with themes from East Indian Culture, West African Culture, South American Culture, Caribbean Culture and an overall  Pan African Perspective. The styles of clothes range from classy to sassy with selections for men, women and children. This is also your one stop shop for household products from natural resources hand made by Husband Michael Haye, upholsterer. He specializes in furniture repair, restoration and refinishing.

"Behind The Scenes" work aspect of the business is taken care of by Daughter Saidah Haye, Brand Manager to ensure that the products, services and product lines resonates with current and potential customers. 

You can find out more about Tafari Tribe online on all Social Media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as @TafariTribeShop